Prof. Dr. Horst Hahn

Fraunhofer-Institut für Bildgestützte Medizin MEVIS
Am Fallturm 1
28359 Bremen
+49 421 218 590 02

Embedded in a worldwide network of clinical and academic partners, Fraunhofer MEVIS develops real-world software solutions for image and data supported early detection, diagnosis, and therapy. Strong focus is placed on cancer as well as diseases of the circulatory system, brain, breast, liver, and lung. The goal is to detect diseases earlier and more reliably, tailor treatments to each individual, and make therapeutic success more measurable.
In addition, the institute develops software systems for industrial partners to undertake image-based studies to determine the effectiveness of medicine and contrast agents. To reach its goals, Fraunhofer MEVIS works closely with medical technology and pharmaceutical companies, providing solutions for the entire chain of development from applied research to certified medical products.

Within the scope of TransNav, Fraunhofer MEVIS performs research on methods for providing and combining multimodal data in interventional planning and treatment as well as for monitoring success. In particular, algorithms and procedures are to be developed that allow

  • fuison of image-based information from planning and intervention,
  • motion analysis from pre- and intra-interventional data to estimate positional uncertainties caused by heartbeat and breathing,
  • image based comparison of the pre- and post-interventional status of the main anatomical regions.