3D Multimodal Navigation System for Transvascular Interventions

Therapy support for transvascular interventions.
Interventional navigation and documentation.
Based on clinical MRI, CT and flouroscopy data.

Surgical interventions in cardiology are increasingly performed using minimally invasive methods. These include transvascular interventions in which the vessels are used as point of access. In addition to established procedures such as the treatment of acute heart attacks or strokes, new, complex techniques such as transvascular implantation of heart valves or the opening of completely occluded vessels are developed.

The project comprises the development of a multi-modal navigation system for transvascular interventions. The system will support the three essential phases of intervention – planning, navigation, documentation – by using patient-specific vascular and organ models. Improved planning and navigation will make it possible to perform complex procedures efficiently and with low risk. The automatic documentation should contribute significantly to quality assurance.